Monday, December 31, 2007

Traveling to the ole US of A

I'm in the US for the last week and the next two weeks. I would have blogged if not for the lack of internet. That happens in very remote places and especially where I was, in Catskills Mountains, upper New York.

I like to snowboard and hitting the slopes during the day certainly felt refreshing. Also from the top of the mountain, I could see some of the fantastic New York scenery. Probably one of the nicer places to stay in the US after the west coast. The terrain varied interestingly with forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains.

After a week in the US, I've inevitably interacted with the people here. Definitely a world of difference with people back in Malaysia. I've always known it since I've spent a good amount of time at university here, but never felt the shift of worlds till this holiday, the feeling a product of spending so much time in Malaysia. It's a sort of Deja Vu feeling. I sense subtle characteristics that changed while I was in Malaysia that I am starting to remember after coming back to the US.

For instance, the way conversation is carried out in Malaysia feels totally different and it's not just the accent. I never quite got it in Malaysia but when I'm here, people talk differently and I do feel it's more natural and comfortable. They say a person doesn't change, that's not entirely true. The environment does change a person somewhat and it's not only me but psychology say so as I got science on my side haha.

I also got some neat christmas gifts, a nintendo DS and Ipod nano, from my cousins, aunt, and cousin's boyfriend. The biggest fear for me receiving gifts is that I'll never use them. I'll be using these items for sure hehe. So that makes these gifts really awesome.

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