Monday, December 31, 2007

Traveling to the ole US of A

I'm in the US for the last week and the next two weeks. I would have blogged if not for the lack of internet. That happens in very remote places and especially where I was, in Catskills Mountains, upper New York.

I like to snowboard and hitting the slopes during the day certainly felt refreshing. Also from the top of the mountain, I could see some of the fantastic New York scenery. Probably one of the nicer places to stay in the US after the west coast. The terrain varied interestingly with forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains.

After a week in the US, I've inevitably interacted with the people here. Definitely a world of difference with people back in Malaysia. I've always known it since I've spent a good amount of time at university here, but never felt the shift of worlds till this holiday, the feeling a product of spending so much time in Malaysia. It's a sort of Deja Vu feeling. I sense subtle characteristics that changed while I was in Malaysia that I am starting to remember after coming back to the US.

For instance, the way conversation is carried out in Malaysia feels totally different and it's not just the accent. I never quite got it in Malaysia but when I'm here, people talk differently and I do feel it's more natural and comfortable. They say a person doesn't change, that's not entirely true. The environment does change a person somewhat and it's not only me but psychology say so as I got science on my side haha.

I also got some neat christmas gifts, a nintendo DS and Ipod nano, from my cousins, aunt, and cousin's boyfriend. The biggest fear for me receiving gifts is that I'll never use them. I'll be using these items for sure hehe. So that makes these gifts really awesome.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hittin the fat loss machines

Four days straight busting out the cardio, I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it. I'd probably go again today, but I'm flying off for holiday. It's not as bad as I thought, all that cardio exercise. My legs didn't fall out from under me. My left knee felt a little weak after running, probably attributed to those days of playing basketball that I've more or less retired from.

I much prefer the cross trainer machine. I see why it's so popular. Less stress on the joints, a more total body workout, and you can go longer. Unless I'm training for a marathon or sport, the cross trainer fulfills the fat burning need much better than running. I'm no dummy though, it's not the same. 15 min on the treadmill feels like 30 min on the cross trainer. But hey, I'm not training for any particular sport, just wanna get rid of the fat.

I also started to do interval training. Constant running I've learned isn't the best way to fat loss. Interval training is what it sounds like. Go faster, then go slower and faster again, switching to and from throughout the whole workout is much more effective at burning fat.

Back to the cross trainer as good as it is, not all machines are created equal. The best and most durable from what I've seen is Precor cross trainers. Unfortunately my gym only has one, so if I want a spot on the machine, I've got to go early or wait. I'm seriously considering another gym if their cross trainers are really robust. But from what I've seen as places such as fitness first, their cross trainers and treadmills aren't that great. Perhaps Swimming Club should expand its gym with all their cash lying around.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am legend....a well thought out disaster

I watched I am legend for the first time on monday night. It is a unique movie, but just horrible. It 's akin to a singer that sounds really unique, likeable but is a one trick pony. Once people get used to the singer's voice, they get bored and move on to the really talented ones. Much the same, I noticed the scenes got old really fast. The movie had a lot of suspense, but I believe the story wasn't strong enough and overall was a real let down when I found myself getting worked up over a crappy storyline.

Monday night, mall was super packed. Holidays must be starting already, or maybe most Mondays are like this. Well the sales definitely are in full effect. For myself, I want to pick a couple more pieces of gym clothes for the extra training I'm doing. Not exactly hygienic to go in unwashed gym clothes. I doubt the people next to me will appreciate it, although I don't stink up that bad compared to some others. For real! haha..

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday aftermath

Sunday, supposed to be a chill day. Catching up on some Zs. But I went out. Mall packed like no tomorrow, no parking, had a good time chillin with a friend of mine.

Now that I stopped WOW, I'm a bit at a loss on what to do during my free time. When I quit WOW, I was determined not to trade one unproductive hobby with another such as watching dvds or playing another game. I guess if it isn't socializing, it'll be exercising. I'll be hitting the gym just whenever i have free time.

Man getting that six's so elusive. Well right now I'm hitting about 200 reps of ab exercises in my every other/third day gym session. I see more definition, but the pack of flab on the lower abs still is there. I'm just going to have to start doing cardio till the cows come home....zzz. I haven't really done any at all. I usually don't run more than 7 minutes at the workout. But definitely I'll need to bust out the cardio like 30 to 45 min each session for the only part of my body that I would like change. Just need that six packer. Well why not shoot for eight eh? heheh.

Friday, December 14, 2007

QE2 baby yeah

Electro house all night long. New mix too. My goodness, well I can't say no to that. I heard songs that I never heard b4 and suprisingly, they were f'ing good. Finally they stopped repeating the same cd over and over again. But I think electro house is off the chain, so if u have different tastes, you wont' agree. Your loss lol.

Handing in resumes at the job fair

I went to the job fair today at PISA. As low as the unemployment rate is in Malaysia, there were an awful lot of people there for just a Friday. Maybe most of them took MCs just for today lol. The job fair seemed reasonably popular enough. I think over the course of the weekend, a couple of thousand will have walked through in search of opportunities. While the Job fair was billed as a job and entrepreneurial fair, I saw very little in terms of franchises and entrepreneurial opportunities. I for one would be interested in those as well....pity.

Most of the job fair is in the concourse located around the stadium, so someone can start walking in one direction and come back to the same position. About half of the fair seemed to be on job hunting, the other half seemed to be some sort of medical fair.

When I first walked into a section, a pretty cute girl stopped me and asked for me to sign up my resume as she was with a job hunting firm. I was thinking.... ok sure...I can't say no to a cute girl requesting anything of me. I have her card...hmmmm....stop thinking...hahaha. I moved on and just continued scoping the whole area.

I stopped by halfway and listened to a speaker talking about how this fair is a good idea and gave encouragement for them to do this again. I was thinking that this guy probably did nothing to help except give the speech. He goes on to say we should make it bigger...and grander and blah blah blah. Well...all these things take resources and support which if you can't help, don't bother talking. I would say the proper backing wasn't quite there or else I'm sure the fair would be in the main floor instead of the concourse around it.

After I walked through the medical section and saw quite a lot of people, I realized that the majority of people came for some of the free blood testing that was going on there. The queue was out the door, literally. I also saw some girls in nurses' outfits recruiting for nursing. While I doubt it would encourage a lot of girls to become nurses, I bet it would help guys think about becoming

I walked back a second round and properly handed out my resumes to relevant companies. For engineers, the place seems to have a lot of opportunity. Most of the hi tech firms are there. Some other companies like banks and even Astro were there looking for hirings.

I left and had lunch at QB mall. Don't ever have lunch there when it's raining and on a Friday. It's insane to try and get into the parking lot. As I walked through the mall past Paddington's House of Pancakes, I noticed most of the people eating there were girls. Thats right, girls who usually worry about getting fat and generally obsess over weight more over than guys. This is why groups of girls are dangerous, they all get together and eat unhealthy

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gettin off my lazy ass

The time has come for me to get off my lazy ass and go work or something...hah! yeah. I do feel kind of lost not working in a traditional environment at times. Going to the gym and playing golf does relieve some of that lostness, but i think not enough. On the other hand, I'm not sure if working in a factory is for me. I've always wanted something more interactive, more down to earth.

In the factory people just make stuff and ship it out. Sounds simple? Sounds easy right? It probably is, but it's a real chore, unless you are really making money. Any chore becomes fun when getting paid well for it =). Who knows, I might put in extra effort because i'm getting paid so well....*might*...hahah.

Speaking of which, whomever works in factories, I think 90% of those take it easy, which there are a lot of, have kids. When life is easy, job is secure, life is stress free, there is nothing else to do but go make babies. I think this is such a funny quirk of factory life. With so many people giving out full moon baby stuff, I find myself losing track of who's the one having the baby.

Anyways, I'll be going to the job fair on Friday to see whats going on. Get a dream job? hopefully, or a high paying one :)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

New club opening and drama

Last Friday, a new club called Mois opened up to much fanfare. Truth is, I never heard of it till that night, so I'm not the most happening person in Penang...sobs. But when I heard the name, I was almost doubling over in laughter. The name, Mois sounds more like a seedy place than a high profile club. I'll open a club next time called dri (get it...dri and mois? The yin to mois' yang?) . Jokes on the name aside, the place turned out quite nice. The club's interior newly renovated could give glo a run for its money.

The club is located opposite SS, in the boon siew building. There used to be a club there, but that place was horrible, which is unfortunate because the interior has something great that is lacking in penang, a large wide open space. With the right potential, a club owner with great ideas could open up a successful club there. I'm not sure if Mois is the greatest idea, only time will tell, but it's a definite improvement over the previous one.

They did the dance floor a bit like the old fever with flashing lights. I'm gonna say thats interesting, but fever is a failed club haha. They really ought to put some kind of railings aorund the dance floor because it provides some separation between the dance floor and tables around the area.

Mois' music system really brings it. I'm pretty sure the system is high quality. The DJ is also quite good, apparently from KL. What remains to be seen if the club will keep quality DJs, as that definitely is key to a good club.

Speaking of seedy, the seediest club seems to be momos. That place just oozes seediness...blech. Definitely my least favorite club. Way too many gays and the crowd lacks some quality. I think the place will fail eventually. Gays in straight clubs won't mix, one group will leave.Judging by the lackluster crowd, I doubt Momo's can survive.

Anyways, yes drama ensued after the night ended. Friday night Fights and police right outside Mois and SS. It's only Friday night and people still want to fight. Geez, whats up with that? I saw this one plain clothes officer who i remembered was with a guy trying to cause a fight a few months ago just outside Tiger arms. A thug can become a police officer? My goodness.

Top clubs for me as of this moment:

1. QE2 (excellent crowd, by the sea, music repetitive but the songs are good, kind of small)
2. Mois (great space, nice sound system, nicely done.)
3. Glo (old rnb favorite, getting old, too many kids and ah bengs)

Places I probably would never go to if it were up to me:

Momos (NO)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Discovering Electro-house

I've been a major RnB person, always preferable over house. Now, all thats changed....well not exactly, lol...i won't turn back on my RnB brothers and sisters. But one genre of house, eletronica, aka...electro, aka electronic dance, aka electro-house caught my attention like a naked person streaking through the roads. I can't get enough of it now. But only good songs please as with any genre.

I like this type of genre of house more than others because it feels very rnb ish. It's danceable with slower tempos than typical house. So, yeah catching the beat isn't a problem. Also, the way it plays is very soothing to the ears. And well, I think it has the best chance of all the house genres to go mainstream. I've been listening to DJ antoine, Fedde Le Grande, and a mish mash of different music. I'll definitely consider good electronica dance clubs wherever I go in addition to RnB :)

I've only been seriously searching for electronica music today, and I have enough for a whole cd already! And it's filled with songs that are on par in quality with my rnb cd mixes. I'm seriously impressed! How? Thank goodness for youtube....I just searched around and looked at related videos.

going on my mix tape:
alex gaudino - destination unknown
david vendetta- we play house
olivier giacmotto- volta (robot needs oil)
dj antoinne - work,
always and forever,
arabian adventure 2
fedde le grande -
put your hands up in the air,
the creeps,
let me think about it
vinylshakerz - one night in bangkok
eric prydz - call on me