Friday, December 14, 2007

Handing in resumes at the job fair

I went to the job fair today at PISA. As low as the unemployment rate is in Malaysia, there were an awful lot of people there for just a Friday. Maybe most of them took MCs just for today lol. The job fair seemed reasonably popular enough. I think over the course of the weekend, a couple of thousand will have walked through in search of opportunities. While the Job fair was billed as a job and entrepreneurial fair, I saw very little in terms of franchises and entrepreneurial opportunities. I for one would be interested in those as well....pity.

Most of the job fair is in the concourse located around the stadium, so someone can start walking in one direction and come back to the same position. About half of the fair seemed to be on job hunting, the other half seemed to be some sort of medical fair.

When I first walked into a section, a pretty cute girl stopped me and asked for me to sign up my resume as she was with a job hunting firm. I was thinking.... ok sure...I can't say no to a cute girl requesting anything of me. I have her card...hmmmm....stop thinking...hahaha. I moved on and just continued scoping the whole area.

I stopped by halfway and listened to a speaker talking about how this fair is a good idea and gave encouragement for them to do this again. I was thinking that this guy probably did nothing to help except give the speech. He goes on to say we should make it bigger...and grander and blah blah blah. Well...all these things take resources and support which if you can't help, don't bother talking. I would say the proper backing wasn't quite there or else I'm sure the fair would be in the main floor instead of the concourse around it.

After I walked through the medical section and saw quite a lot of people, I realized that the majority of people came for some of the free blood testing that was going on there. The queue was out the door, literally. I also saw some girls in nurses' outfits recruiting for nursing. While I doubt it would encourage a lot of girls to become nurses, I bet it would help guys think about becoming

I walked back a second round and properly handed out my resumes to relevant companies. For engineers, the place seems to have a lot of opportunity. Most of the hi tech firms are there. Some other companies like banks and even Astro were there looking for hirings.

I left and had lunch at QB mall. Don't ever have lunch there when it's raining and on a Friday. It's insane to try and get into the parking lot. As I walked through the mall past Paddington's House of Pancakes, I noticed most of the people eating there were girls. Thats right, girls who usually worry about getting fat and generally obsess over weight more over than guys. This is why groups of girls are dangerous, they all get together and eat unhealthy

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