Monday, November 23, 2009

Malaysia Female magazine Gorgeous 50, 2009, who's hot.

Out of sheer curiosity and boredom, and not to mention the off-chance that maybe there would actually be some hotties, I visited female magazine's 50 gorgeous people. For the girls, I see one winner, Patricia (no. 32). Sorry to say every other girl there doesn't stand a chance.


Check out her video. She portrays herself as down to earth, fun, and not to mention getting a glimpse of her bangin' body is always good :)

For the guys, I saw some that were good looking, but after seeing their videos most of them struck me as mostly douche bags. A lot of the Caucasian men looked, and presented themselves as average at best. I got to mention Jannio (no. 42). In his video, he seems the most comfortable and natural. And he does have this Edison Chen thing going. I personally know of a few girls who would literally drop their pants for Edison Chen in a heart beat.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Badminton rackets!!! G*#@$$@@ weight markings!

I wanted a light badminton racket, but some guy came up with a douchie system of 1U,2U,3U, and so forth for weight; making it hard for me to figure out what is the proper weight. Intuitively, assuming U is a variable for a number, I thought the higher U, the heavier the badminton rackets. More simply, 5Us are definitely heavier than 1Us right? Unless U is negative, which is just retarded since weight is almost never a negative number.

I saw a 2U and a 3U racket. Assuming 2U was a lighter racket, I picked that. It even felt lighter than the 3U. That just goes to show you how bad I am as a human balance scale.

Anyhow I ended up googling after the purchase on how to determine weight with badminton rackets. Guess what I learnt? Higher number U is lighter than lower number U. W.T.F. Even the guy at the store mentioned to me that the higher U rackets were heavier. Thanks...whoever made this system. you owe me 150 bucks.

Yonex Muscle Power 3... a 2U racket

I just spent 150 bucks thinking 2U was lighter than 3U. Why can't the manufacturers just put the weight on the racket? in numbers! I'm talking to you Yonex, Carbonex, you douchebag companies!