Saturday, December 13, 2008

Financial crisis hitting Penang

The financial crisis seems to be getting worse. People are losing their jobs. Companies are laying off workers.

The economy

Around the world, we have lots of indicators to tell us how the economy is doing. Not only that, we have sub-indicators for the indicators, much like this pie chart represents sub-sectors for the power industry.

Sub sectors

In Penang, we have the clubbing indicator. They have been empty for much of the last few weeks, especially on Fridays. So it's not looking good.

Empty club

The clubbing sub-indicators help determine the overall direction of the clubbing indicator. Like how much booze have people been consuming. For this measure, I take a look at how flirty girls are. The amount of booze girls consume is directly proportionate to how flirty they are. The more booze they drink, the more flirty they are. These last few weeks, girls have not been as flirty so this contributes to the overall negative direction of the clubbing indicator.

Flirty indicator

Another sub-indicator is the girls to guys in the club ratio. In times of good economic progress, more guys come out as they have additional money to spend on girls. In times of bad economic progress, they stay home and all the money girls saved from guys buying them booze starts being spent. I have been seeing a higher ratio of girls to guy, so this has a negative influence on the clubbing indicator.

Girl guy ratio

Wow! it does seem like Penang is starting to suffer from the financial crisis. Lets hope the economy recovers.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008