Sunday, February 17, 2008

AI 7 looks to be good this year, talent wise.

First....I take what I say back about this season of AI 7 being talentless. The talent is indeed strong this year, but I believe they have relaxed quite a few rules. Some of the talent this season has had recording contracts before. I've been reading about people criticizing that this season as no longer about undiscovered talent. I think for the most part the statement is true. I remember last season was really horrid in the talent section and this season noticeably allowed people with failed recording contracts to compete. At the same time, there is only one winner and will probably harder than their first try in the music business. I doubt the exposure will help them because they have to share it with so many others. People forget easy. If they don't really stand out, AI will call them on it.

I feel like AI is sort like an NBA draft. Some seasons you get really good players, some you get really horrid players. This season is good. The best is probably being at the age of 16, David Archuleta. He's probably like the Lebron James, Michael Jordan, or Kobe Bryant in the NBA draft but for American Idol. This kind of talent only happen once in a multiple drafts. I'm not sure what David's plans are. He's way too good for the amateur AI contestants, but I do believe the exposure is worth it hence his thinking. I wonder if he'll sign with Simon's company as the winner usually does. Or possibly he might throw the no. 1 spot and try to go with another company and get more money. When you are that good, you've got these kind of options in a free market.

Check him out at Youtube.

Halfway through CNY i think it dawned on me I really shouldn't be collecting ang pows. I'm way too old hahah....damnit. But I think rejecting ang pows sort of says you are too good for their money. At least that is what I tell myself and just accept it lol. Should I say no next time?