Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Use of the word NOT

Well we've all heard it before....the word of the use "NOT". For example an employee might disagree, "This is NOT the way." or your boss might yell and berate you "This is NOT a solution".

I can't say it's not a popular way to use the word not in this context (there I go again, using the word NOT). People use it all the time. It's a powerful way to get your point across. Such a popular word, it tends to get overused a lot. To a point where, some people wonder.....what the hell is he saying?

Here's a famous example of abusing the word "NOT". I wonder if anyone who came out of the press interview had any idea of what Woody Austin said after tying Tiger Woods the third day of the PGA championship other than he's unsatisfied.....or NOT satisfied.

Q. Going back to your comment about liking to look players in the eye, would you have liked to have been paired with Tiger today?

WOODY AUSTIN: I said it yesterday. I was upset -- I was disappointed with my bogey and Steve's birdie. I wanted to be in that arena. Like I said, I maybe looked at it as a little bit strange, but I think I have the almost identical personality in a way that he does, in that I want to be right there.

He always says -- what does he always say? He always says, "I want to be in the last group on Sunday." If he wants to be there, and I want to be -- why do I not want to be there? Why would I want to be somewhere else? I want to be there just as much as he does. I don't get why you would want to not be there or be, as you say -- as you always say, are you intimidated by him? I don't get that either. What, are we going to fight? Are we going to get into a fight? Why should I be intimidated?

[I think I just about stared in disbelief when Woody said that line. Absolute butchering. I couldn't make sense of that line at all]