Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bought my blackberry!

I bought the curve 8520 from Celcom. 

Not bad for a thousand ringgit.  By far, this is the best money I've spent for a phone in my life.  It's one of those devices which will definitely improve your connectivity to everything. 

On the surface, email, messaging, facebook doesn't seem much compared to the iphone.  But the value is unquantifiable.  The system blackberry has put together is far above anything out there, iphone included.  It's messenger service is basically free messaging which everyone on Blackberry abuses.  Basic economics tells us a good that is free will be abused by everyone.  This is why sms is not as successful.  People get charged for the service.  Not only that, the people who use blackberry respond quite rapidly compared to other messaging services. 

The BB community is very close knit.  They are quick to include you if you have a blackberry.  Consider it a club.  This is another unquantifiable attribute that is one of the blackberry's biggest selling point.  Iphone doesn't really have a community, and most of them are techies, rather than the common people such as you and me.

The blackberry is also wickedly fast.  Sometimes the iphone gets bogged down in nonsense.

The qwerty keyboard is also much easier to write messages than a numeric keypad.  This keyboard is also really instrumental in fast messaging.

For you guys that are interested in improving ur social life especially with girls, it's a simple choice, a lot of girls use Blackberry.  My friend at maxis who sees thousands of customers verified this with me that a most of the BB owners are girls.  I can easily give up youtube and browsing on the iphone for the blackberry.