Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just got twitter anytime

I don't know what all the big hooohah about twitter is. It's really bad.

First of all, I can't change my display name. Yes whatever your username is, that's what you are stuck with. I don't mind the url being my username, but the display name should be changeable.

Second of all, its really bland on options. Any idiot can make a twitter site. It has no options. You can post messages and embed it on your website. Why is it so hot on the net? I got no idea.

So, I joined plurk.

Now this is really good. First of all, you can change your display name! Thats awesome.

In addition, if you really don't have any idea what to plurk about, it has verbs to help you get the gears in the head turning, thus producing more content, than twitter which has really no imagination.

Lastly, it also looks professional and has tons of options. Anyways if you like twitter, try plurk out, you won't regret it!