Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gsix (g6), @ The Gardens, Midvalley

Just checked out this club, Gsix at the gardens.  After reading a caption from TimeOUT, a KL nightlife magazine, saying it was the best club in years, I was excited.

So I went early on wed night and checked it out.  Now, let me start with the positives.  There was no cover for guys on wed night, and there was a full crowd by 10 or so.  That is a plus.  Lots of places take too long to fill up to be happening.  I much prefer to go early, leave early if the crowd gets there early.  There are also some hot ladies walking around.  Especially, coming from Penang, this is like a godsend.

Now, here is the negative, NO DANCE FLOOR.  No dance floor so where are we guys supposed to go talk to ladies  honestly.  Second, the crowd is a bit lala, canto crowd.   Third, the layout is horrendous, stemming from NO DANCE FLOOR, to the huge oversize donut booths which take up more space than they are worth, and the figure 8 layout which is kinda odd.  There is this kind of a band stage doubling as a dance floor, but generally it is kinda dumb with a big tv screen behind the floor.  It's way too bright.

Even a crap dance floor will do

There is a small makeshift gathering spot in front of the stage where there is a little space for people to dance and move around. But a lot of people cut through there to get to wherever they want to go, so the makeshift spot is kinda crappy with people constantly bumping into you.  Although, it is not as bad as the Phuture dance floor.  Then again, at least Phuture has a dance floor instead of a stupid stage.