Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stuff stuff and more stuff

Today, just random ramblings.

First off, It's raining a lot lately. Even though I couldn't be dryer, I've got this damp and soggy feeling. Haha....Rain does this eh? Such a mood-swinger and kill joy. Well besides that, a friend from my university came all the way from Bangladesh to visit. Well 3 hours isn't that far i guess, but it was good to reminisce. We all kicked it and just goofed around like old times. Ah, a flash back to the good old university days, but only the good haha.

Next, the second movie this year for me to be excited about:

The first was 300. Yep, Spider man 3 coming out real soon. Theaters are gonna be packed!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

DSLR is easy mode for photo newbies: battle of the chefs

Recently, I visited the Penang Battle of the Chefs convention. Excellent opportunity to get some practice shots on food. Truthfully, most of the items the cooks whipped up seemed like crap. Partly, this was because the day I went was the day the "apprentices" competed. I look at the photos today....OMG...they are freaking good. The dishes look so godamn good, a lot beter than I first thought. All I did was autofocus shoot with flash on. DSLR is easy mode for photo wtf?

This is supposed to be the twin towers....Not bad I think...

The photos really make the dishes look good although I didn't think highly of them....for instance, I was thinking what the heck do I do with that prawn... and the last photo, what do I do with that? There isn't much on the plate.

This is the roti making contest...this guy was doing a dance while making roti...OMG hahaha. It was freaking awesome the way this guy making roti...

I thought these lamb chops looked the frying pan....

I thought these dishes were interesting, though if they were served at a restaurant, I'd seriously consider asking for my money back as I would think they are freaking cheap for putting so little on the plate.

Winners from the day before

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Then came the light.......

For a hundred years ( almost 130 i think....) we've been depending on the invention above to light up life around us. Only recently though we've figured out using too many of these little things help cause our electricity bill to run sky high.

The EU recently wants to ban incandescent lightbulbs. Not to mention other countries such as australia are going to do the same.

Sounds great, but what of the other alternatives, namely the flourescent lamp and compact flourescent lamps. The problem these had were that the aesthetic (looks) that were not very appealing. Especially, those large lamps are cumbersome to change and hard to keep.

Even the smaller compact flourescent lamps, aren't all that good to look at. One might say it sticks out like a sore thumb. Imagine putting one of these things in your bed-side lamp.

I've seen the above model two models for a while, but recently light bulb manufacturers have gotten smart and came in with a new generation of compact light bulbs.

Holy cow! A good looking flourescent lamp. Who would have guessed. Looks almost good enough to eat..stick one of these on a sunday cone for april fools. These come in a similar lighting color as the inandescent ones. Furthermore they can fit in the housing of normal light bulbs as they are about the same size.

Also, they are available in Malaysia....

Our family's first good looking flourescent lightbulb :) These 8 watt thingys pump out as much light as 40 watt bulb. who would have thought? Furthermore they last 3 times as long. And the cost to power is 1/4. Only downside is that they are more expensive, but only 1 or 2 times more. The color is a bit different, but still quite nice. It's arguably warmer...