Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sometimes you'll never know unless you dig further

I had to admit, when I saw the video "I fell in love with the DJ" by Che'nelle, I thought cool song, definitely a hit. Also I thought she was definitely puerto rican or latino that grew up in Jamaica. Reasonable assumption eh? After all, the whole video looks jamaican, she sings with a reggae accent.

It's a catchy song, further more, its reggae. I think I can count all the current famous reggae singers on one hand, sean paul, Shaggy, Wyclef Jean, Sean Kingston, and now Che'nelle. Some of them have died off in the music world. When I talk about famous, it's that they have really done well world wide.

Guess what....this girl is from Australia, but migrated from Sabah, Malaysia. WTF! It's true check it out:

She's as latino as i am black, and about as reggae as vanilla ice is a rapper. Her real name is Cheryline malaysian!!!! hahah.... But I suppose I don't really care, I still think she's awesome.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why Avril Lavigne should come to asia (malaysia)

One word, Avril Lavigne rocks. Well, exclude her name and it's one Anyways, recently all I've been seeing on MTVasia is Avril Lavigne and her totally infectious personality despite the artist of the month being James blah (i mean blunt). She's very untypical of most Americans, well even Canadians. She's looks the total opposite of hot for westerners. She's smaller in height and weight. She's more cute than the typical stereotype of a caucasian beauty (tall, blond, big boobs, long legs, etc). Definitely I doubt a lot of Caucasians would even think twice about her if she couldn't sing.

I'll tell you where she'd rock and be fully accepted and have no inklings of insecurity. In Asia! or better yet, Malaysia (ROFL). Girls like her are considered waaaaaay hot in the looks department over here. And she can sing fantastic. Generally I don't consider the typical hot Caucasians to be too attractive, but I would totally dig Avril. Nuff said, visit Malaysia Avril! Gwen Stefani came, and she's also totally the asian-hottie trapped in a caucasian's skin. Everyone loved her and they'll love Avril more i bet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Life is good if you are a good looking presidential candidate

Senator Obama currently is running for the democratic candidate spot, and probably one of the better looking candidates. If not that, definitely photogenic. Last week I dropped by the borders at QB mall and Obama was flashing his pearly whites on the cover of GQ magazine.

But with all this publicity, Obama still hasn't done well lately. It seems like Hilary has locked up the majority by a large margin in the polls. In fact intrade is predicting that Hilary clinton will beat obama. Hilary's bet is worth 68, while obama's bet is worth 16.

The way the bets work is that the numbers range from 0-100 and whoever wins gets 100. In the mean time, people pay 68 for the trade and if Clinton gets the nominee, the people can cash their bets in for 100. If Clinton loses, it's worth zero. With Obama at just 16, people obviously think he won't win the nominee. I don't actually bet on who would win, but if you would want to, intrade is the place to place your bets. Intrade seems very accurate with an impressive track history of predicting winners.

So Obama would probably lose, but losers can still be winners.

Hot girls will still want him! Oh yeah, I like the next one better...heh. Obama! gotta represent!

Friday, September 07, 2007

I don't think I'll taste anything better than American Chocolate

Recently I had some fantastic Ghirardelli Chocolate from the US. I can't remember when the last time I missed something from the US so much. For those that don't know, this is an excellent premium small brand from San Francisco California. Probably the most famous is Hershies, but Ghirardelli has always been my favorite.

US may not do a lot of things well, such as world stuff like Iraq (get a few jabs in), but they do chocolate the best and I've not yet tried anything remotely as good. How good? Well I rarely ever miss anything from the US, except well chocolate. Even the more common el cheapo brands (hershies, snickers, m&m) can't screw up chocolate over there. Why is it then that chocolate brands in Malaysia can't get it as good as the US? Well, probably the simple answer is, most of the chocolates here are from Australia. No, I'm not saying their chocolate is horrible, chocolate from Australia comes in a close second. I'm perfectly happy eating chocolate from Australia. But I wonder all the same, what are they feeding their cows in the US?