Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two kinds of bosses, Two kinds of employees

At some point in everyone's life, they've worked for a boss. I have come across many different types of bosses, but there are basically two types I feel. I will call two bosses: Boss A and Boss B.

Also at some point, every boss has different kinds of employees. But they also come in two types, basically Employee A and Employee B.

Think of A and B as opposite ends of the spectrum.

Boss A: This boss genuinely cares about his people. People working under Boss A tend to respect this Boss and do things for him out of respect. Boss A tends to take personal responsibility when things go wrong and either try to solve it himself or try to prevent it from happening again. Problem is Boss A can be seen as weak sometimes.

Boss B: This boss may care about his people, but is never too nice. The only time he really cares if it serves him well. His loyalties lie to people who have shown him loyalty to him over the years and to his bosses. But anyone under him is more or less expendable. Usually thinks highly of himself and his equal ranking peers.

Employee A: This kind of employee is usually loyal to the Boss and looks out for him or her. Employee A usually gets along with Boss A but can be known to get along with Boss B for a limited time. Eventually Boss B and employee A will end up splitting, though time varies from months to much much longer. While it is true Employee A and Boss A may split as well, working for Boss A would not be one of the reasons why they are splitting.

Employee B: This employee is usually loyal to himself. He'll look for better pay, better opportunities, etc. Usually a go getter. Employee B may produce good work, but will neither be loyal to Boss A or Boss B. He won't go out of his way to help out either of the bosses because he doesn't really care.

Now that I've described what kind of bosses and employees are out there. What is the point? Which one is better? Well, one may not be necessarily better than the other, but it helps to be aware of the types out there. Also one day work might get hairy and it might be nothing or it may be time to try something different. Hopefully this information will help put things in perspective.

Friday, June 15, 2007

NBA finals just went from bad to worse

I just watched the last game of the NBA finals and all I can say is that after 4 games, it was like watching the same thing over again 4 times. How boring is that? Very.

Incredulously, the cavs did nothing to change their gameplay the whole series. But credit the Spurs who's initial gameplan was very good. The cavs needed some major changes. The blame likes in the coach for not doing anything. I can't say Mike Brown was a moron the whole season, but he was for the majority of the playoffs.

If things aren't working, you don't have to know the solution right now, but better work on it and come up with it fast. Sometimes the solution will just pop up in a sort of fortuitous luck. But you need to be observant as things go on around you. I saw two things which I think the cavs could have capitalized on and won at least a few games:

1. Tim Duncan doesn't need to be double teamed if he can be singly defended well. Every time the cavs double team him (which was every game), TD will just pass out to the open man on the outside for an easy three pointer. TD won't win the game on his own. Let him get his shots and make sure the rest don't. The players that were winning the games were Tony Parker and Manu Ginnobli.

2. Lebron James to post up Bowen. Bowen can defend perimeter, but is horrible at post up defense. Lebron is bigger and can easily post him up. If they double team him, then pass it out much like what the spurs were doing.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Filing a missing football report

Has anyone seen my soccer ball?

It's grey with a black stripe across the middle and two red stripes at the outer ends. It also has two Nike swoosh symbols at both ends of the ball. If you have found him please leave a message at my chatbox or email me. It was last seen at Penang padang polo field rolling around.

There is a RM30 reward for the lost football.

Thank you.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The party night that wasn't

Yep, this weekend...supposed to be major partying...but alas....it just wasn't happening for our group. Another weekend in the future hopefully. I did go, but went with another group. The group had people from my old school....kinda wierd as they were quite a few years my junior. But ah hell....it's just partying and knows no age boundaries...or is that totally untrue?

This song is nice:

Keyshia cole and pdiddy -- last night