Friday, June 15, 2007

NBA finals just went from bad to worse

I just watched the last game of the NBA finals and all I can say is that after 4 games, it was like watching the same thing over again 4 times. How boring is that? Very.

Incredulously, the cavs did nothing to change their gameplay the whole series. But credit the Spurs who's initial gameplan was very good. The cavs needed some major changes. The blame likes in the coach for not doing anything. I can't say Mike Brown was a moron the whole season, but he was for the majority of the playoffs.

If things aren't working, you don't have to know the solution right now, but better work on it and come up with it fast. Sometimes the solution will just pop up in a sort of fortuitous luck. But you need to be observant as things go on around you. I saw two things which I think the cavs could have capitalized on and won at least a few games:

1. Tim Duncan doesn't need to be double teamed if he can be singly defended well. Every time the cavs double team him (which was every game), TD will just pass out to the open man on the outside for an easy three pointer. TD won't win the game on his own. Let him get his shots and make sure the rest don't. The players that were winning the games were Tony Parker and Manu Ginnobli.

2. Lebron James to post up Bowen. Bowen can defend perimeter, but is horrible at post up defense. Lebron is bigger and can easily post him up. If they double team him, then pass it out much like what the spurs were doing.

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