Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mark webber used to drive for Malaysian team

This past weekend, I was perusing the formula one results.  Usually I'm not so interested, so I have no idea about the happenings of the F1 standings.  So I look it up, and to my surprise Mark Webber is there leading the pack.

KL Minardi car in 2002

Well, just one of those things with hindsight and maybe a bit more money, KL Minardi could be where Redbull is now.  Malaysia would have the glory.  They had the driver in Mark Webber, and KL Minardi was bought over by Redbull a couple of years back.  Same company except bought over by new owners, same driver. Too bad Malaysia decided to pull out.... now we have Lotus...lol,

Mark Webber

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BMW 5 series F10 2010 launch in PJ/Shah Alam

The new 5 series is here.  Check out some of the photos.

Back view:

View from the back corner

View from the back

Side view:

Front view:


Inside in the daylight.

Interior in the showroom

Overall, a pretty hot car.  The exterior is sort of a cross between the 6 series front and the 7 series back.  The bonnet has that shark like look, with the flat top and flat nose. The interior could be more luxurious.  Any plastic knocking sounds is generally not very good but compared to the previous generation, the interior is an upgrade.  I still like the interior of the E39 the best.

Whale Shark

In my opinion, the outside is original, classy, has the look of something quite interesting.  The Mercedes' arcing lines of the S class has lost a bit of its novelty ever since everyone started copying them, namely VW and Honda.  Lost in translation in the photos are the subtle curves which makes the five series bonnet similar to Jaguar's.  The front is good looking, the sides are good looking, the back is hot as well.

I think its a home-run.  It's competitor, new Mercedes E-Class, really messed up this generation. The E-Class looks like a cross between the S-Class (good) and a Toyota Camry (bad!).

So whats the price?  about RM400k right now.  Alright!  BMW is getting more affordable (Better than 450k).