Monday, July 21, 2008

Sales Sales Sales of the Mega type!

I just got back from kl and I am quite satisfied with my shopping expedition. What treasures did I find from the jungles of the KL shopping malls?

KLCC Shopping Center: Concrete Jungle

With sales, one can expect to sift through a lot of trash to find their treasure. Sales are meant for shops to clear items. Quite often they don't have the correct sizes, color, etc on discount. In that regards, yes it's an expedition. I hoped to find bountiful booty, that can help me get booty of the other type.

Traditional Booty

The other type of Booty

Anyways, I needed to get myself more informal formal wear. Apparently my formal wear was too formal and the shirt tails looked a little long untucked. I was able to find buttoned up nice shirts that were meant to be untucked (shirt tails not too long). Though it was a major chore to find them. But luckily this year, Zara carried size "s" which is perfect for me. I like clothes which fit well, and "m" size shirts on me look like someone else dressed me.

So in the end, I found two of these informal formal shirts. One nice tuck-in formal shirt ( I couldn't resisit), and two normal casual shirts.

Major mega sales shopping tip: Go shopping at stores that are more outside the city. Midvalley and One Utama are more likely to have more sales item selection and sizes because 1) they have more floor space and items than the city 2) less people go there than the city shopping outlets.