Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mercurial veloci FG follow up

I've now had a chance to try them out on the field. In a lot of ways they are very good. The feel was much better compared to my last pair. The synthetic leather was quite decent especially compared to what I read about it. The only major problem was, the more I played in them, the more I felt uncomfortable. I had blisters! ouch! The shoe design doesn't leave much in mismatching foot sizes.

The blisters were on the right foot, which unfortunately is a little smaller than my left. The major problem is that the heel kept slipping up, causing my heel to blister. I truly think the shoe design isn't as forgiving as most boots if the feet aren't perfectly sized.

Well, I found out I wasn't the only one with blisters from the mercurial line of boots. I've read numerous postings on people having the exact same problem as me. Basically I had to wait till my heel callused over, then I wouldn't have any problems. Nah, no thanks.

I went back to adidas and bought the predators. I guess my feet are only meant for adidas! I wore them out for a couple of hours and didn't have much of a problem. The feel was almost similar to my old beat up pair. Possibly my old pair were based on the predators as well. so a lesson learnt. For football shoes, buy what you are familiar with. don't fix what ain't broke. If you are going to change boots, be careful that the feeling is not too different.