Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sometimes you'll never know unless you dig further

I had to admit, when I saw the video "I fell in love with the DJ" by Che'nelle, I thought cool song, definitely a hit. Also I thought she was definitely puerto rican or latino that grew up in Jamaica. Reasonable assumption eh? After all, the whole video looks jamaican, she sings with a reggae accent.

It's a catchy song, further more, its reggae. I think I can count all the current famous reggae singers on one hand, sean paul, Shaggy, Wyclef Jean, Sean Kingston, and now Che'nelle. Some of them have died off in the music world. When I talk about famous, it's that they have really done well world wide.

Guess what....this girl is from Australia, but migrated from Sabah, Malaysia. WTF! It's true check it out:

She's as latino as i am black, and about as reggae as vanilla ice is a rapper. Her real name is Cheryline malaysian!!!! hahah.... But I suppose I don't really care, I still think she's awesome.

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