Sunday, December 02, 2007

Discovering Electro-house

I've been a major RnB person, always preferable over house. Now, all thats changed....well not exactly, lol...i won't turn back on my RnB brothers and sisters. But one genre of house, eletronica, aka...electro, aka electronic dance, aka electro-house caught my attention like a naked person streaking through the roads. I can't get enough of it now. But only good songs please as with any genre.

I like this type of genre of house more than others because it feels very rnb ish. It's danceable with slower tempos than typical house. So, yeah catching the beat isn't a problem. Also, the way it plays is very soothing to the ears. And well, I think it has the best chance of all the house genres to go mainstream. I've been listening to DJ antoine, Fedde Le Grande, and a mish mash of different music. I'll definitely consider good electronica dance clubs wherever I go in addition to RnB :)

I've only been seriously searching for electronica music today, and I have enough for a whole cd already! And it's filled with songs that are on par in quality with my rnb cd mixes. I'm seriously impressed! How? Thank goodness for youtube....I just searched around and looked at related videos.

going on my mix tape:
alex gaudino - destination unknown
david vendetta- we play house
olivier giacmotto- volta (robot needs oil)
dj antoinne - work,
always and forever,
arabian adventure 2
fedde le grande -
put your hands up in the air,
the creeps,
let me think about it
vinylshakerz - one night in bangkok
eric prydz - call on me

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