Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday aftermath

Sunday, supposed to be a chill day. Catching up on some Zs. But I went out. Mall packed like no tomorrow, no parking, had a good time chillin with a friend of mine.

Now that I stopped WOW, I'm a bit at a loss on what to do during my free time. When I quit WOW, I was determined not to trade one unproductive hobby with another such as watching dvds or playing another game. I guess if it isn't socializing, it'll be exercising. I'll be hitting the gym just whenever i have free time.

Man getting that six's so elusive. Well right now I'm hitting about 200 reps of ab exercises in my every other/third day gym session. I see more definition, but the pack of flab on the lower abs still is there. I'm just going to have to start doing cardio till the cows come home....zzz. I haven't really done any at all. I usually don't run more than 7 minutes at the workout. But definitely I'll need to bust out the cardio like 30 to 45 min each session for the only part of my body that I would like change. Just need that six packer. Well why not shoot for eight eh? heheh.

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