Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hittin the fat loss machines

Four days straight busting out the cardio, I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it. I'd probably go again today, but I'm flying off for holiday. It's not as bad as I thought, all that cardio exercise. My legs didn't fall out from under me. My left knee felt a little weak after running, probably attributed to those days of playing basketball that I've more or less retired from.

I much prefer the cross trainer machine. I see why it's so popular. Less stress on the joints, a more total body workout, and you can go longer. Unless I'm training for a marathon or sport, the cross trainer fulfills the fat burning need much better than running. I'm no dummy though, it's not the same. 15 min on the treadmill feels like 30 min on the cross trainer. But hey, I'm not training for any particular sport, just wanna get rid of the fat.

I also started to do interval training. Constant running I've learned isn't the best way to fat loss. Interval training is what it sounds like. Go faster, then go slower and faster again, switching to and from throughout the whole workout is much more effective at burning fat.

Back to the cross trainer as good as it is, not all machines are created equal. The best and most durable from what I've seen is Precor cross trainers. Unfortunately my gym only has one, so if I want a spot on the machine, I've got to go early or wait. I'm seriously considering another gym if their cross trainers are really robust. But from what I've seen as places such as fitness first, their cross trainers and treadmills aren't that great. Perhaps Swimming Club should expand its gym with all their cash lying around.

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