Sunday, December 09, 2007

New club opening and drama

Last Friday, a new club called Mois opened up to much fanfare. Truth is, I never heard of it till that night, so I'm not the most happening person in Penang...sobs. But when I heard the name, I was almost doubling over in laughter. The name, Mois sounds more like a seedy place than a high profile club. I'll open a club next time called dri (get it...dri and mois? The yin to mois' yang?) . Jokes on the name aside, the place turned out quite nice. The club's interior newly renovated could give glo a run for its money.

The club is located opposite SS, in the boon siew building. There used to be a club there, but that place was horrible, which is unfortunate because the interior has something great that is lacking in penang, a large wide open space. With the right potential, a club owner with great ideas could open up a successful club there. I'm not sure if Mois is the greatest idea, only time will tell, but it's a definite improvement over the previous one.

They did the dance floor a bit like the old fever with flashing lights. I'm gonna say thats interesting, but fever is a failed club haha. They really ought to put some kind of railings aorund the dance floor because it provides some separation between the dance floor and tables around the area.

Mois' music system really brings it. I'm pretty sure the system is high quality. The DJ is also quite good, apparently from KL. What remains to be seen if the club will keep quality DJs, as that definitely is key to a good club.

Speaking of seedy, the seediest club seems to be momos. That place just oozes seediness...blech. Definitely my least favorite club. Way too many gays and the crowd lacks some quality. I think the place will fail eventually. Gays in straight clubs won't mix, one group will leave.Judging by the lackluster crowd, I doubt Momo's can survive.

Anyways, yes drama ensued after the night ended. Friday night Fights and police right outside Mois and SS. It's only Friday night and people still want to fight. Geez, whats up with that? I saw this one plain clothes officer who i remembered was with a guy trying to cause a fight a few months ago just outside Tiger arms. A thug can become a police officer? My goodness.

Top clubs for me as of this moment:

1. QE2 (excellent crowd, by the sea, music repetitive but the songs are good, kind of small)
2. Mois (great space, nice sound system, nicely done.)
3. Glo (old rnb favorite, getting old, too many kids and ah bengs)

Places I probably would never go to if it were up to me:

Momos (NO)


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