Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am legend....a well thought out disaster

I watched I am legend for the first time on monday night. It is a unique movie, but just horrible. It 's akin to a singer that sounds really unique, likeable but is a one trick pony. Once people get used to the singer's voice, they get bored and move on to the really talented ones. Much the same, I noticed the scenes got old really fast. The movie had a lot of suspense, but I believe the story wasn't strong enough and overall was a real let down when I found myself getting worked up over a crappy storyline.

Monday night, mall was super packed. Holidays must be starting already, or maybe most Mondays are like this. Well the sales definitely are in full effect. For myself, I want to pick a couple more pieces of gym clothes for the extra training I'm doing. Not exactly hygienic to go in unwashed gym clothes. I doubt the people next to me will appreciate it, although I don't stink up that bad compared to some others. For real! haha..

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