Sunday, March 02, 2008

A great business idea!

Lately, I've been at the local airport looking at a potential business opportunity. I'll just have this to say, the parking is really expensive. Half an hour is 1 RM. 5 hours makes it 10 RM. And get this, it is full almost all the time. What if you wanna park at the airport and get daily rates. Like park, pay 5 RM per day. I think it would be popular here because Penang has a lot of rip off cabbies. Why pay a cab 50 RM for a short business trip when you can park your car there for a few days and pay 20 RM.

What a great moneymaker! Buy some of the land around the airport (usually cheap because the land is usually in a remote area), provide free shuttle service to the airport from the lot and watch the money roll in! Undercut the airport parking spots. That is definitely the way to go hehheh.

Maybe it would be better in klia airport as Penang is way too far.

Also, prices in the airport are marked up like crazy. I went for a meal there with my friend at Nandos. It ended up costing RM 45. We ordered salad, sandwich, and two drinks....omg. Insane. A similar meal at the shopping mall would have cost around RM30.

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