Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fear rules Malaysia: Election night

Election night.....the night after polls have closed. Rumors of unrest spreads throughout the nation. I have decided that for my readers I will attempt to brave the streets of Penang and bring them an account straight from experience.

I initially was set to leave my place at 11.15 pm, but was delayed because my friend's cellphone could not be reached. Stupid Digi. I kept getting a "cannot get the number". Digi should get better transmission towers at the Garage area, after all that is a rather popular area that people frequent to. So at 12.00 am, I finally get through.

"Yo, are you at MOIS?"

"Yeah man...go DAP!"

"Alright I'll be there in a short while."

He's the guy I know for the VIP section. I'm not about to go to club at MOIS outside of the VIP section. I'm spoilt...hehe.

I drove the streets, empty like a ghost town. When I arrived at MOIS, I found it pretty empty. In fact our group had the entire VIP section for ourselves the whole night. The main area had a small crowd.

The ride back home from the club brought no suprises either. I hardly saw anything happening. The lone police road block I ran into looked even less serious. Half of them were sleeping! LOL. A lot of excitement there! Even the Mat rempit weren't out causing their usual havoc.

There you have it...I think election night is THE SAFEST night to go out. No mat rempit, no traffic, no crazy drivers that certainly roam around on almost every normal weekend. Even the polling stations I passed were empty.

Nights like these where everyone is afraid to go out makes me think of a phrase "airplanes are so dangerous". When in fact airplanes are the safest mode of transportation in the world. A person is more likely to die in a car, bus, walking, etc than in an airplane.

So anyways, election night was pretty uneventful. And pretty safe I think. Not even the police bothered to show strength and for what also...everywhere was empty!

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