Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easiest way to the mile high club

Here in Asia, people are more familiar with the term kilometer. The metric system is in effect. But when one refers to the term "mile high", "kilometer high" doesn't quite cut it. A mile has approximately 1,609 meters. A mile has exactly 5,280 feet. An airplane generally quotes their altitude in feet during the flight. So the "mile high" refers to being at a mile high in the sky or 5,280 feet at least.

The only way to join the "mile high" club is to be at least a mile high in the sky, generally in an airplane, doing the dirty deed. I suppose it is possible with other modes of flying such as a helicopter, hang glider, or hot air balloon. Imagine joining the "mile high" club in a hot air balloon.

Anyways, there are some famous people who have joined the mile high club. Richard Branson, founder and owner of Virgin company, has claimed to join the club at the age of 19. Pretty quick I think. Probably a mile high milestone: youngest person to join. The play on words were intended =D He also now has his own fleet of planes to do the dirty deed in if he chooses. Can't do that? Why not? he owns them.

There are businesses which offer the opportunity to do so, although i'm sure part of joining the club is the thrill. The thrill isn't quite the same in a small propeller plane as in the cabin of a jet plane with hundreds of people around.

So after the dirty deed is done, usually the couple will walk down the aisle of shame, better known as the aisle of the airplane cabin. It's quite difficult to conceal such an act. People have eyes and a brain. They'll notice if two people are in the lavatory.

But that could be a thing of the past. The new A380 has individual private cabins with beds. So those wanting to go to the mile high club without the usual walk down the aisle of shame could do so with privacy.

First class cabin of the Singapore airlines A380

Congratulations to Singapore Air for making the A380 a pleasurable flight in more ways than one. Apparently, Singapore Air has explicit instructions to ask those who engage in such activities to desist. They claim the cabins aren't sound proof, but the easy way to get around such a thing is to just be quiet =D


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