Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dinner at Spicy Chicken BBQ and Movie night: Be Kind Rewind

Last night my friend Matt, his girlfriend Ching Fern, and I went for dinner and a movie. I suppose I was the third wheel on this date. But as they have been together so long, I guess they didn't mind a little extra company. At least that it was I told myself heheh. Anyhow, we were supposed to eat at pasta mania, but decided to try a place called Spicy BBQ Chicken at the ground floor of Gurney Plaza.

Apparently this place is a Korean fast food chain of sorts. I've walked past the restaurant several times and have had no desire to go in. I had the impression the place was a KFC wannabe. All I saw was fried chicken from the outside. Furthermore, the name Spicy BBQ Chicken doesn't really make sense to a western mentality mind such as the one that I have. Just sounds weird. But I was in a sporting mood, and my friend seemed quite upbeat about trying it out. So I was game as well.

The restaurant is nice enough, but the impression from the outside is just kinda weird. Anyhow, I'll be glad to report that the menu displays quite a variety of chicken. But be prepared for pretty much chicken when eating there. I didn't see any other types of meat. There's a lot of choices other than fried. There is Jerk chicken, BBQ Korean chicken, spicy bbq chicken, grilled, fried, etc. I feel an alternative to fried chicken is something missing from fast food places here. The restaurant fills that void pretty well. Although, I would say it's a step above places like KFC. I would consider the restaurant quite similar to kfc. The chicken dishes come with mashed potatoes and coleslaw as a side dish. In the end, I quite liked the place. A meal will probably end up costing 15 to 20 RM per person.

Well anyways, we took some pictures at the place.

Here's me.

Matt with Ching Fern. Matt showing some pearly whites :)

Matt with Ching Fern in a relaxed pose.

Here's me with my arm around a real imaginary girl. She's imaginary, because she isn't there; but at the same time she does exist in real life somewhere in Germany. I didn't randomly choose her and this is me with my arm around her.

.....I think half of you would slap me, and the other half would just look at me funny. Oh..also we shared a bottle of water. XD

Anyhow, the movie, Be Kind Rewind is kinda nice, but gets a bit boring in the end. "Be Kind Rewind" is the name of the video store, it's a cute name because people always forget to rewind their video tapes before returning it to the video rental store. The movie is about these guys who make home movies and pose them as real movies for rental. This was because the movies were blanked out when Jack was magnetized and they had to fix the situation. Jack Black is what really makes the movie work. He's really funny. I think without him, the movie would definitely fail. His impromptu comedy acting is just so hilarious. Movies like this, really bring the actor's skills to the forefront. Anyhow, watch it if you are a Jack Black fan, for his excellent comedy skills.

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