Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I’m pretty new and curious about the blog world. What do people blog about? Sometimes people will blog about personal feelings. Maybe they’ll blog about food. Perhaps they might blog about things going on in life around them.

Although blogs generally are written like an article, I’ve always found the most interesting blogs with pictures. Sure the topic and writing matters, but pictures somehow give that extra dimension.

Lets face it, we live in a world of TV and visual spectacles. We like to go see events. We like to go see movies. We like to go see hot girls.

We like to go see good-looking guys…….. such as myself (I can see people rolling their eyes).

Ok ok…. Brad Pitt will do.

Also, we like to see cute animals.

Our brains are laaaazy….Reading a blog without pictures is like reading a book. We have to translate the book to images in our brain. And who wants to bother with thinking?

We’re reading someone’s blog! All we want to do is be kaepo about his or her life! Screw thinking!

Ok, let me confess the purpose of this writing. Basically I’m trying to not sound so conceited when I had this urge to do some camwhoring and post it on my blog.

Professional camwhorers, please bear with me.


Leon said...

Oops...i've fogotten to respond to comments. I'll do so from now blogger. >.<

Anonymous said...

hey cy here
keep up with the pics :P

Boss Stewie said...

yes.. i confess.. i watch movies for the hot girls

Anonymous said...

Definitely pictures!!MORE PICTURES!!MORE MORE MORE!!!

I luv reading blogs of screwed up life, informative-crap with pictures, girls who questions about friendship, etc.

I also luv reading this camwhore blog..hehe

Leon said...

cy......lots of pics gonna be in this blog :) that i think of it........movies always have hot girls. Unless it's like a special movie.

woohoo gin...... need to take moreee pictures.