Sunday, August 27, 2006


One thing about this new industry I’m going into, I’ll have to be soliciting business owners to let me take photos of their places to publish. People are naturally suspicious. They’ve got to be convinced somehow that what I’m doing is a good thing. What the hell? I’m giving free publicity here and they need convincing?

OK…..convincing……..hmm so how should I do it? It all starts with fashion! I know most of you are thinking what the….? What happened to talking up a good sales pitch, highlighting what this publicity can do, and it’s in their best interest to let me do what I want? Those are all great points, but first come fashion. *smile*

Let me illustrate from the owner’s perspective. If I saw someone walk into my business with jeans, a casual shirt, and sandals. Then proceed to give me a speech about the need to take photos, I’d probably tell them to get out. I’ve got no time for pranks.

OK, I admit, if it was Jessica Alba, I wouldn’t care what she was wearing. She could be muddy and dirty and I’d still listen to her. But in all seriousness, jeans and casual shirts don’t project a very business-like image.

So, what kind of attire should I get? Hmm…for a fashion makeover, I looked at a movie called Alfie. For those men that have not watched it, shaaaaame on you. It is the essential “modern man movie.” There are lots of hot girls, lots of fashion, and lots of educational insights.

I also looked on the internet about ways to dress. The internet is fabulous. People put up exactly how to dress step by step. They show you what matches with what, how to mix up patterns, what is in season, collars that go with facial structure, etc. Fantastic!

Granted Penang is not exactly New York, knowing how to dress goes a long way in standing out. For instance in Penang, most sales people dress reasonably well, but they don’t really stand out. Knowing how to dress means mix and matching to stand out from the crowd even when most of them are well dressed. And it’s easily doable because most men don’t really take the time to find out how to do these things. I know I didn’t for the longest time.

For ladies, It’s a bit tougher as ladies are more fashion sensitive than guys. But take a look around and a lot of girls don’t know how to dress either.

So, back to the topic, People tend to take well-dressed people seriously. It’s great to dress well, but better to know how to dress. Then standing out is easy. Now I can pitch the speech about letting me do what I want at their place. Of course if Jessica Alba was doing it for me, I wouldn’t care what she dressed like.

So......anyone for a Tiger beer?


Boss Stewie said...

jessica alba.. oooh yesss

Leon said... about the fashion article? hahah...

SuChuen said...

hey leon! what's up? i miss penang fooodddddddddddd....where's my char koey teowww????

Leon said...

hi! char koey teow? i dunno how to cook that. lol....