Thursday, August 10, 2006


One thing that amazes me about Malaysians is their “kaypo-ness.” For those that don’t know, it means to be a busybody. And yes I also admit to being one of them.

We’ve all seen it before. For example, an accident on ONE side of the road causes BOTH sides to jam up.

Next exhibit is a popular Penang website Kaypocorner.

At first blush, it defies logic that a site as Kaypocorner could be so successful. No one likes to be called “Kaypo.” Then I realize yes, Malaysians probably want to know everything about their sister’s friend’s classmate. Even if it is likely we’ll never meet them in a million years.

Ah, but usually these sites are quite small. Kaypocorner is considered relatively small. Surely this is not representative of the nation? Now let me introduce you to a site which really shows “Malaysia boleh” on being kaypo.

Yes, our very own Star Newspaper. Giving credit where it’s due, the majority of The Star Online has lots of articles and does not really emphasize much on “kaypo” subjects. In the print version, these articles are usually reserved a small section on the newspaper page. Ah, but Malaysians lurvve these subjects. If it’s there they will find it.

The following is the top 10 list of articles most viewed on The Star Online website.

Yes…..where there is a will, there is a way!

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Anonymous said...

Ha, u learnt a new hokkien word @ kaypo!

Anyways, how are you doing? seems like we've lost contact with each other, isn't it? keep in touch k..