Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving and Down to business

Well a lot has been happening so far. I've moved into the family's "vacation apartment" while the normal apartment is just about to embark on a facelift...aka renovation. So, this is home for the next few months.

Although it is quiet and smaller, the apartment does have its charms. For one, the view is quite amazing.

View from the balcony part 1

View from the balcony part 2

Second, the internet is fast. Yes, for some reason the streamyx here is oodles faster than at my previous apartment. I can go see youtube videos with no pause for the video to load. How amazing is that! The internet streams the video faster than the player plays. I think the fast speed has to do with not many users out here. Sweet! ahahah.

Third, my new bed. Even though the bed at my original apartment is quite soft, for some reason, this slightly hard bed at the "vacation apartment" really gives me a good night's rest. Maybe I'm too comfortable at my own bed that any little thing wakes me up. Well whatever, results so far indicate I get a really good night's rest at this new bed that i'm sleeping at. Even after exercising, I never could get a good nights rest, but for some reason I can here. Awesome! I might have to get a harder bed when I move back to the original apartment. Though I do think the other bed is more fun to be active on due to its more springy action. Whatever the particular activity that benefits from the upward reactive force may be...heheh.

my new bedroom

Other than that, I've been trying to study for the CFA level 1 exam in December. This course is for financial analyst or financial analyst wannabes, me being the latter. It really is no joke. They sent me six textbooks roughly 2000 pages of text to read. These pages are huge as well. If I took 24 weeks to finish the texts, I figure that 75 pages a week should put me in a good position for the exam. So it's been about 3 weeks and I am nowhere near the 200 or so pages studied. The lack of progress needs to be addressed by my super speed reading powers..... which will come to me hopefully very soon.... Still waiting xD

My course books

My books arranged prettily...

Ooohh... I bought this really nice tee shirt from NIKE at Island Plaza. It's like the NIKE boutique store not the normal sports store. The shirt had some felt glued on to the front. NEVER buy a shirt with stuff glued on. Once in the dryer, some of that glued felt came off. What the fFFF! Now my very nice tee shirt is kinda messed up. I know I was a bit dumb just to chuck all my stuff in the dryer and not pay attention to this shirt, but for goodness sakes, this is a tee shirt. It's not like a tuxedo. Pissed!

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