Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cigarette warning pictures

Warning: Some images in this post might be disturbing. Proceed at your own risk.

The trend these days for countries to deter their citizens from smoking by putting disgusting pictures of people affected by the nasty habit. Here are a few examples of our neighboring countries' brilliant ideas to curb people from smoking.



Unfortunately, we more than likely will see these type of cigarette packs in Malaysia. After all if our neighbors to the north and south are doing it, we might as well join the party. For the most part, I think people will just initially get disgusted but continue buying cigarettes. Well, where there's government regulation, there is opportunity. Louis Vuitton carries these bad boys and I bet they are hot sellers due to the governments around the world deciding to make cigarette manufacturers post disgusting pictures on their cigarette packs. What exactly are they? Cigarette holders!

Put the cigarette packs into these bad boys, and tada....no need to see disgusting images! Throw the disgusting box away! Governments really outsmarted themselves out on this one. This reminds me of a special cd technology that apparently made it impossible for people to make copies. It was very sound technologically and cd burners couldn't burn the cd at first. But people being people, found a way. The way around this was to take a marker and draw around the outside of the cd. The cd technology turned out to be a big waste of money.

p/s: I don't particularly like cigarettes or smoking. I in fact don't like them at all. The world could do without ciggies.


Anonymous said...
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Mr Gin said...

life's like that..

Leon said...

yeah life's a big waste of money lol..

sports handicapping software said...

hello very strong pictures but sometimes people do not so aware of the harm they do