Monday, December 11, 2006

Return of the booty video: Façon Sex

Every now and then I come across something interesting. If you ever watch Channel V or MTV, sometimes they will play some RnB or Hip Hop videos. And on rarer occasions, some of the videos will show gratuitous “booty.” Americans, more specifically hip hop artists basically invented the “booty video” quite a few years back.

What I mean by booty video is one of those music videos where the rapper looks like he’s partying and surrounded by lots of skimpily clad women. More recently though, these videos have sort of taken a back seat as the hip hop videos have evolved to a more sophisticated genre. For instance, usually now a days, the videos will have the singer hanging with their famous posse, some cameos of famous artists, collaborations, awesome locations, etc.

I can hardly remember the last time I watched a “booty video” done by an artist. R Kelly and Puff daddy did some back a few years ago. I can’t remember their songs. One I do remember is the Thong Song by Sisqo. But that is from the year 2000, really old. It’s a bit rare nowadays.

Ah, but today, I chanced upon this throwback to the old days of booty video done none other than the French! I woulda never guessed the French would be all about the “booty,” they are so sophisticated!

The song is basically saying “move your body... shake your ass... in a matter of sex!!”

It’s kinda catchy!


Anonymous said...

NERD - Lapdance (uncensored version)

watch this one..

Leon said...

ahah...that's an old one. nerd lap dance is a long time back...i think old than the thong song.