Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Donald Trump = Teddy bear

The Miss USA ruckus reached an interesting development just today with the boss, Mr. Donald Trump giving the current winner a second chance after firing her. The second chance requires her to go into rehabilitation program.

To recap, Tara Conner or Miss USA has been a very naughty girl during the contest and her duties as the winner. The press reported her doing things such as drugs, sleeping around, and underage drinking (drinking age is 21 and over in US).

While I’m not an apprentice fan, I do know that Mr. Donald Trump is infamous for his “You are fired” clause. I also know that he has smacked potential “apprentices” upside the head for years on his popular TV show.

Has Donald gone soft? He’s had no trouble firing some previous Miss USA winners. What makes this one different? Well most of the problems with the current winner seems like behavioral problems “on the job” while the previous firings were for things such as nude photos for magazines and being married with two kids. The previous two firings were for things like lying on your resume. Those winners probably deserved to be fired. It’s like applying for a degree job without a degree.

Perhaps in light of this, the problems are fixable; the problems being drinking and partying like an animal. But sorry, if you do drugs, you are screwed in any job. In Malaysia, you get the death penalty. So, yes I think Donald has gone the way of the big soft teddy bear.

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