Sunday, October 22, 2006

The New Yahoo! Mail Beta

Last week, I started to use the New Yahoo! Mail Beta. But previously I used something like this:

I know. Why am I sticking with Yahoo, while I could go use Gmail? It definitely puts yahoo mail to shame. Something about Yahoo, I just can’t simply change to Gmail or another base. Or maybe I’m too lazy to shift my main email address.

Anyhow, for those who haven’t tried the New Yahoo! Mail Beta, it’s a sexy looking site.

Well, not exactly sexy in that way, nevertheless, pretty attractive for a web based email. Overall, it’s rather intuitive, especially for outlook users, and for the first time deleting emails doesn’t require checking off and deleting. Just highlight the mail and press the delete key on the keyboard. I don’t know if web mail companies realize this, the old style of checking the box requires a lot of tedious hand to eye coordination.

From what I know, the New Yahoo Beta mail has been in beta for a few months. Initially, some of the reviews said that it was very slow. In the current version, the speed is acceptable, although this depends on the individual’s tolerance. That said, Yahoo Beta mail has good features. And it’s nice enough to overshadow the loading speed for me. Those with slower internet connections, I have no idea how slow it is and thus might have a different opinion of the web-mail.


Anonymous said...

i still can't stand the numerous ads, and altho I don't need to tick to delete i still can't delete lots of mails in one shot...using select and shift key, like gmail can :P

Leon said...


Yes, gmail's delete function is pretty good. I personally like the outlook style as that's what I'm most intuitive with. I also love keyboard shortcuts. To my knowledge, gmail doesn't use keyboard shortcuts.

Chorwin said...

Yeah, I used the new Yahoo! Mail Beta today. It great, with great downloading speed and automatically preview of pictures attached.
Right now, it make me feel.... Mmmm, Yahoo Mail is great too, and comparable to my Google Gmail. Anyway, I hate Hotmail or MSN Live Mail, it slow and suk!

Leon said...


Glad to hear it. I'm too lazy to learn/move over to gmail. Lots of people say it's really good and still prefer it over yahoo beta.

Boss Stewie said...

me likey gmail