Monday, October 02, 2006

It’s the rainy season

Yes folks, it’s that time of year. I remember it being not so bad the last few years. These days, it seems like the rain just won’t go away. It dampens my spirits. That’s why my blogging has slowed down. Alright, no excuses, I’ve just been plain lazy. Sorry! Heh.

This being the rainy season, it looks to be continuing for quite some time. Thus I have to come up with things to do. Or else, I’ll just be downright depressed. And if anyone else is bored, yeah you can borrow mine! Don’t need to think, just read.

  1. Read past issues of my blog. I’ve got some pretty girls and nice cars. Why not? I admit, though that its a wee bit of a narcasisstic suggestion. smile.
  1. Look at other people’s blog.
  1. Web – This is the most popular Malaysian website as rated by Isn’t a rainy day the perfect time to go and be kaypo on what everyone else is doing? With up notifications of any alterations to the friendster profile, no change goes unnoticed.
  1. Web – If you ever wanted to watch random videos that people put up.
  1. Web – This is a site which I just found out about. It’s pretty nifty. If you haven’t done so, check it out. Tip: Use the search, then it’s smooth sailing.
  1. Sleep. No comment here. I’m thinking this is for rain or shine.
  1. Complete things that have been procrastinating for a long, long time.
  1. Read.

For the girls, since I’m not one, I pulled these ideas off some girls’ suggestions in a forum:

  1. Handicraft: Fingerpaint, Knit,
  2. Bake cakes
  3. Write a journal.
  4. Clean out stuff.
  5. Organize closets and cabinets.
  6. Watch a DVD series (sex in the city, etc.)

Ok, there you have it. Now may your rainy days hopefully be a bit less boring!

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