Sunday, October 11, 2009

Twitter wins out, six packs

This is one ghetto blog. I haven't updated in 5 Anyhow. I am back on twitter. It just turns out that everyone is using that and there are some things about twitter that are good. It is simple and really easy to use. The only problem is that twitter is a bit spammy.

So, what else is new? Well, I have been getting educated on fitness. For a while i had the goal of trying to get a six pack. I had the diet all planned out and everything. I even was on it for a month... but alas, six packs will not happen. Why? Because, losing enough fat for the six pack abs to show will require a low body percentage of under 10%. Getting that kind of body percentage fat will make a person of my weight of 130 lbs look incredibly skinny at 120 lbs. I would get my six pack abs, but the rest of me would be almost twig like. Maybe i'll try again in 2-3 years after gaining some muscle.

Little known truth. the human body is only capable of gaining 5-10 lbs of muscle a year. There is no such thing as someone putting on 30 lbs of muscle. If someone says that, they actually put on 20 lbs of fat and 10 lbs of muscle if they are lucky. In order for someone to put on 50 lbs of muscle, they will need to have worked out consistently for a period of 5 years at minimum.

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