Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Things I love and hate about japan

Hey everyone! I just got back from Japan. It's a love/hate thing with me and foreign countries.

Things I love about japan:

1. Girls wear skirts in sub-zero temperature.

I think girls in skirts look extremely hot for some reason. And guess what, in Japan, they love skirts too! So much, they'll wear it in any weather. I saw more skirts than pants walking around the city...lol.

2. Go anywhere, and they will have good sushi and japanese food.

The sushi in Japan is top notch and you could go anywhere to get excellent sushi and Japanese food. Almost everywhere I went had excellent Japanese food.

3. Best mountains for skiing in this side of the world.

Japan ski resorts are on par with the best in the world. I've been to some fantastic ski resorts and some un-fantastic ones and the really good ones first have to have the mountain (800m+ of vertical skiable terrain from the top chairlift to the base), the snow (3m+), and then the facilities. Japan ski resorts have all three plus it's relatively close to fly to compared to US or Europe. In the asia and australia, I've only seen Japan live up to the mark of world class ski resorts.

4. Best subway system ever.

In Malaysia, KL, the LRT is only two train cars long and there is only like two or three lines. The monorail is also there, but it has even fewer cars and also only two train cars long. The wait time is ten to fifteen minutes long!

One train car in Tokyo equals two of the lrt cars here, and each train has like ten train cars, about 20x the length of the lrt here! They also stop by very frequently every 5 minutes. Then, they have 9 subway lines which go all around tokyo and cover almost every area around the city center and further out.

5. Super friendly people.

Everywhere shop I went to, people greeted me. And I must say the way they greet me is very non threatening, different from other places. I think the Japanese language sounds quite pleasing to the ear.

Things I don't like about Japan:

1. Not a lot of english speakers.

Yes. I would love it if I could communicate with them but in English =)

2. Food outside of sushi isn't that great.

Call me a bit critical, but food outside of sushi lacks some zest. The Japanese curry isn't as flavorful as other ones (malaysian, indian, thai). The cooked dishes lack some of the flavorful creativity of the southeast asian styles. Mostly everything is soy sauce or miso based. And, they are stingy with servings. People with bigger appetites have to stuff themselves with rice.

3. As polite as they are, most Japanese keep to themselves even if it overrides common sense.

In most countries, people don't mind getting on the chairlift with another person, even though he or she is a complete stranger. Chairlifts are built for more than one person after all and people behind get to wait less for their turn to come. In Japan it's different, people would rather not sit with another even if it means making everyone in behind wait longer for the lift. And even worse, they give you funny looks if you get on with them. -.-

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