Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Signing up for Malaysiakini

Well, I've finally decided to subscribe to Malaysiakini.


I signed up for the standard subscription of RM80 for 6 months. That works out to RM13 a month or 44 sen per day. I would say the price is just ok after all it is all online. A normal newspaper would cost RM1.25 a day, but it certainly costs a lot more to publish.

I decided to check if my money was well spent by comparing similar stories to the star online.

On one hand the Malaysiakini article I looked at seemed more detailed for instance they mentioned that certain people were not at parliament when parliament voted for the fuel price increase. The star online didn't mention anything.

I haven't seen the newspaper, perhaps the detail is in there. Malaysiakini made a big deal that the few people (11 in total) weren't there. They sensationalize that fact when 11 reps hardly will make any difference at all, after all 129 votes to 78 against is such a smackdown, those 11 reps if voting the other way would have been insignificant to the outcome, altering the majority a few percent down from 63% to 59%.


It's a decent publication. But like with every news source it needs to be read with a grain of salt. It is true the mainstream media sugarcoats a lot of information; their methods of reporting lack fire and passion. Malaysiakini on the other hand is all about fire. They are also very thorough in their news reporting, which is a function of their passion. I commend them on thorough news reporting, but the fire, emotion, pandering to the public can be left out. I bet a lot of the claims turn out to have nothing behind them. Conspiracy theorists? Maybe, but chances are most of it is just theory.


Y-ling said...

malaysiakini worth signing up?

Leon said...

Yeah I think so. Malaysia Kini does compete well with those newspapers. They have some good information that the normal newspapers sometimes leaves out. The other papers are probably too set in their own style of reporting for too long. It's kind of refreshing.