Thursday, March 01, 2007

Voices from the sounds of sirens? I think not....

Just finished watching the girls competition for american idol. The girls are really good , but the front runners aren't the sweet kind of sound that leave you thinking of sirens. Old fashioned belters seems to be in vogue this year. Unfortunately they aren't a whitney houston look-a-like, though they do sound just as nice as her. How shallow do I sound? hahah... this isn't american radio idol.

One major hottie is on american idol this year, Antonella Barba. She probably won't get cut even though her singing is sort of bad. After all tv viewers have eyes and surely would like to see more of her in the coming weeks. I guess she would have to sing just average to get far.

Alaina sort of looks like a hotter,younger mariah carey. What do you think? But like Antonella, the buck pretty much stops in the looks department.

Anyways, these days don't get much time to watch american idol. But maybe I would if I had the TV in my room......perish the thought.

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