Monday, September 11, 2006

Men's Health Magazine

Today I was at MPH bookstore buying some books so I could better educate myself in the ways of life. Ok, that’s a lie. I went in to buy some books to learn how to write better because someone told me I needed to improve my writing. Hmmmmph….So I go to the counter and bring a few books with me.

The total came to RM192…..ouch! It really, really hurts. Though probably not as much as the Photoshop purchase by Timothy.

Anyways, the cashier told me that I needed to spend a bit more so I could qualify for a free MPH card. So I left and about 10 seconds later, I decided to get a copy of this month’s edition of Men’s Health Magazine.

Now it’s been a while since I bought one, probably around 6 months. But I used to be a faithful monthly reader. So I thought back and wondered why this particular publication appealed to me; more so than other than the other “men” magazines.

One thing that’s different is that when I look at Men’s Health versus something like FHM magazine, there is a ripped guy on the cover whereas usually there is a hot girl on FHM magazine. What am I thinking? I’m passing up a hot girl and spending my hard earned money on a magazine with a guy on the cover?

Ok true, most guys would say I am whacked or messed up in the brain.

Let’s go on, usually there is an interview with that same hot girl in the FHM and Stuff magazines. Along with that, there are more pictures of that hot girl. Further more, it has other guy things such as news on the latest gadgets. How could I pass up that? Ok, I can’t explain that either. I like my gadgets and girls just as much as the next guy.

I had some thinking to do.

After a while, I decided in the end, that Men’s Health has good articles. It’s well researched and has things that would be hard to find elsewhere. It is also interesting.

Definitely, magazines like FHM or Stuff don’t have the kind of in-depth research that is found it Men’s Health. So, I’ll give it up to Men’s Health magazine for producing such splendid publications, even though I hardly buy it any more.

Long live Men’s Health magazine!

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